Renderlite Finish Plaster 25kg


Sovereign Renderlite Finish Plaster is a gypsum based plaster for use as the final coat after Sovereign Renderlite Renovating Plaster.

Sovereign Renderlite has excellent adhesion and impact resistance and resists the passage of salts. Once mixed it can be re-tempered and used for up to 80 minutes minimising waste. When cured it forms a hard wall finish plaster that allows the walls to breathe.

Benefits and Features

  • Renderlite Finish Plaster is used in conjunction with the Renovating plaster
  • Provides a smooth finish and allows the walls to breathe


Technical Data Sheet 

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When the Renderlite system is used after the insertion of a DPC then it should be left as long as possible before the application of a paint coating, wallpapering must be delayed for 6 months.