Deepkill 5L


Deep penetrating cream emulsion, perfect for use on thick sectioned timbers, and also on floorboards, roofing timbers and furniture.


Sovereign Deepkill is a deep penetrating cream emulsion timber treatment, perfect for use on thick sectioned timbers, which can also be used on all types of timbers including floorboards, roofing timbers and furniture.

Deepkill will eradicate and protect against wood-rotting fungi and wood boring insects.

On Application, the cream penetrates into the timber carrying the active ingredients deep below the surface, quickly eliminating existing attack and preserving the timber.

Key Benefits

  • Deep Penetrating
  • Ideal for structural timbers and the treatment of Death Watch Beetle
  • Eradicates wood rotting fungi and Active Wood boring insects, Larvae and Eggs
  • Prevents Infestation of wood rotting fungi and wood boring insects
  • High strength Formulation. (0.35% w/w Permethrin, 0.85% w/w Propiconazole and 0.40% w/w IPBC)
  • Deep Penetration with simple application by brush, spray or palette knife
  • Dry’s Clear
  • Low odour
  • Approved for use in bat roosts by national regulatory bodies* *must contact SNCO prior to application*


Technical Data Sheet

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Product Safety


  • May damage the unborn child
  • Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects
  • Contains 3-lodo-2-propynyl butylcarbamate [IPBC] & Permathrin. May produce an allergic reaction