Hey’di Antisulphate


Hey’di Antisulphate is used to treat damp, salt affected masonry.

It is an essential element of the Hey’di K11 basement tanking system and is also useful in the treatment of above ground structures such as chimney breasts and in the treatment of flood damaged properties. Hey’di Antisulphate chemically reacts with salts in masonry, converting soluble salts into water insoluble reaction products, preventing their movement in to newly applied tanking and renders.

Hey’di Antisulphate is available in 5kg & 10Kg


Technical Data Sheet

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Hey’di Antisulphate is a deeply penetrating liquid that when applied to salt affected masonry reacts and turns soluble salts insoluble. This prevents the passage of hygroscopic salts from the substrate into any new mineral coating that is applied such as K11 tanking or cement render. All substrates must be clean, absorbent and free from gypsum, bitumen, grease and oils, dust and paints. Existing salt affected plaster must be completely removed. Joints should be raked out.

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