Hey’di K11 Tanking Compound


Sovereign Hey’di K11 is a salt resistant cementitious tanking compound.

Sovereign Hey’di K11 cementitious tanking compound is designed for the protection of structures against water from the ground and which maybe potentially subject to hydrostatic pressure. K11 can be used on the external side of buildings below ground level where positive pressure exists, or on the internal (negative) side, without the need to build supporting walls.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Salt resistant cementitious tanking compound
  • Can be Applied on the Negative and Positive sides of the structure
  • Withstand greater than 10 bars of pressure
  • Minimum thickness of 2mm per coating

The Sovereign Hey’di tanking system is fully covered by British Board of Agrėment Certificate 91/2608.


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Sovereign Hey’di K11 can also be used in many other waterproofing applications such as: –

1. Water retaining structures such as bunds, fishponds and water tanks.
Note: K11 is suitable for use with potable water.
2. Salt contaminated walls: K11 will prevent the movement of hygroscopic salts to the surface, i.e. chimneybreasts, or where old livestock buildings are to be converted to habitable accommodation.
3. Inspections pits and lift shafts.
4. Swimming pools: Used to waterproof the shell prior to tiling. Specifications available on request.

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